Our Story - StudentRent.com

StudentRent.com began as an idea back in the spring of 1998 when I was searching for a place to rent for the fall semester. I was just getting ready for finals and preparing to move back home for the summer. I needed to find a place and sign a lease before heading home. Frustration set in sometime between the fifteenth "No, we don't rent to students" and the start of my first final. I felt that there had to be a better way for students to find student friendly property managers with rentals suited to their needs. As is the case for so many young renters I wasted countless hours driving up and down the streets near the Colorado State University campus looking for "FOR RENT" signs, calling phone numbers, leaving messages, looking up ads in the paper, calling some more, running all over the place and getting the old "we don't rent to students" line time and time again. Who has time for all of that? There has to be a better way! I thought there ought to be a simple, interactive convenient website where student friendly property managers could advertise their room, house, apartment, condo, etc. for rent and everybody including students could see these ads from anywhere in the world for free, at their leisure or between finals. With a little help from friends I then started a little project that quickly became StudentRent.com.

College communities all across the country are filled with responsible students looking for quality housing opportunities and property managers who provide excellent housing opportunities. We bridge the gap with direct tenant to landlord communication.

Today, StudentRent.com serves the national rental market with visitors from all over the world. We have people searching for homes to return to after their study abroad, from their work over seas, from their tour of duty in the military and others getting a head start for the following semester. We've got listings for large apartment complexes, private homes, and rooms for rent. We've come along way and we are just getting started! We aim to be the number one resource for off campus housing nationwide. With a commitment to customer service, very affordable advertising rates and free housing search, StudentRent.com is -Your Source for Off-campus Housing!

Got a rental near campus or and idea for StudentRent.com? We'd love your input.

Jason Messaros
Owner, StudentRent.com

P.S. StudentRent.com is a home grown USA company designed, managed and maintained in Fort Collins Colorado!