Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The following is a list of questions that are frequently asked regarding the web site and service. Please click on the question to instantly scroll to the answer.

Q: Where can I get free rental advertising?

A: On! We are currently offering several free listing options. Go ahead and take advantage of our free listing options. There is no obligation to extend your listing. "Free" on is actually free! (Top of Page)

Q: Why are there no listings in my area?

A:Only active listings will appear in the search. New listings are posted periodically. Old listings expire or are hidden when rentals are no longer avalable. We cannot garantee that there are active listings in your area. We do however encourage people to post new listings all the time. (Top of Page)

Q: I have several rooms for rent. What listing option should I choose?

A: We recommend that you list your rooms for rent with the Room For Rent option. If you have several rooms in one house that you rent independently, you only need to post one ad. If you have rooms available in several different homes, then post a new ad for each room. (Top of Page)

Q: I have several single family homes that I'd like to list. What listing option should I choose?

A: We recommend that you list your homes with the Single Unit option. If you have several homes that you rent independently, you may want to post a new ad for each house. Same for several apartments, condos, etc. (Top of Page)

Q: I have several apartments for rent. What listing option should I choose?

A: If you represent an entire apartment complex, we recommend that you list with the Multi Unit option. If you have several apartments in different complexes that you rent independently, you may want to post a new ad for each apartment with either the Multi Unit or Single Unit options. Same for several condos, etc. (Top of Page)

Q: Where can I find student apartments?

A: The standard search includes an option to select the type of housing that you are looking for. If you aren't finding listings for a particular type of housing such as student apartments, try leaving the type field blank. (Top of Page)

Q: Do I have to be student to use this service?

A: No!. does not limit users to students only. We strive to provide property managers with an opportunity to advertise their properties to potential renters who seek student friendly housing solutions. (Top of Page)

Q: Where does advertise?

A:'s dynamic advertising campaign varies based on active listings on the site. Our efforts include but are not limited to sponsored ads on major search engines, links on related web sites including many university's recommended links sites, bulletin boards, post cards, and word-of-mouth. We do not send spam email or use popup advertising. (Top of Page)

Q: Is it possible to remove

A: Yes. provides maximum flexibility to our clients. As a member, you have full control over your listings including the ability to delete or remove your listing at any time, 24 hours 7 days a week. Simply login and select "Delete" next to the ad that you wish to cancel. (Top of Page)

Q: Can I make changes to my listing after it's been posted?

A: Yes. provides maximum flexibility to our clients. As a member, you have full control over the content of your listings, except the address, 24 hours 7 days a week. (Top of Page)

Q: Do I need to become a member to search for listings?

A: No. You do not need to become a member to search for listings. Use quick search to start looking for a place right now. Becoming a search member allows you to save searches, receive new listings alerts via email, and more. (Top of Page)

Q: What system requirements do I need to run this Web site?

A: The minimum system requirements to run are:

  • A computer running a Web browser that supports frames, such as the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator
  • Super VGA 256-color monitor
  • Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • The amount of RAM recommended by your Web browser vendor. For example, if you are running Internet Explorer on Windows 95, you need at least 8MB of RAM.

We also recommend:

  • A display resolution of 800x600 or greater. will run at 640x480, but you may need to scroll the Web pages right and left to see all the information when using this resolution.
  • A browser supporting Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later.

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Q: What is a "cookie" and what should I do about cookie warnings?

A: A cookie is a tiny packet of information passed between your browser and a Web site such as uses cookies to verify your identity and provide you with private access to your personal information. Each time you make a request to, a cookie attaches itself to your message like a name tag. Accepting the cookie is like writing your name on the name tag; it identifies the message as yours so that you can continue using the site without having to log in again. To use all of the available services at, it is necessary that your browser be set to accept cookies. Most browsers accept cookies by default.If you would prefer not to receive a warning every time sends a cookie to your browser, you can deactivate the warning message. Directions for some popular browsers follow:Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0: On the View menu, click Internet Options. Then, on the Advanced tab, click the "Always accept cookies" option. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0: On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. Then, on the Security tab, click Default level. Click Apply, then click "OK."Netscape Navigator 3.0: On the Options menu, click Network Preferences. Then, in the "Show an alert before…" box on the Protocols tab, clear the "Accepting a cookie" box. Netscape Navigator 4.x: On the Edit menu, click Preferences. Choose the Advanced category. In the cookies dialog box, choose either "Accept only cookies that get sent back to the originating server" or "Accept all cookies." Be sure to clear the "Warn me before accepting cookies" checkbox.AOL: On the Preferences menu, click the Advanced tab. Clear the "Warn before accepting 'cookies'" box.

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Q: Is my credit card number safe?

A: only accepts credit card payment via PayPal's secure online payment service. You will never be asked by to give your credit card or bank account information online or by any other means. does use SSL or Secure Sockets Layer and Private Communication Technology security standards that are supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or later and other popular browsers for pages that pass sensitive information like passwords. Your security is extremely important to us. Please contact us at to arrange alternative payment (may require 7 business days to process) or if you receive an email requesting credit card or bank account information.

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Q: How can I change the font size of the pages using my browser?

A: If you are using Internet Explorer 5, select "Options" from the "Tools" menu, click the "Accessibility" button, and check "Ignore font sizes specified on web pages". If you do that, you can set your font size to "largest", making it easier to read. (Top of Page)

Q: How can I suggest an improvement for the Web site?

Please email the webmaster at We appreciate your feedback. (Top of Page)

Q: Why does nothing happen when I log in? When I attempt to log in, the screen flashes, and then returns to the Sign In page.

A: This problem can be caused by one of the following:

  • Your Username or password is typed in incorrectly, or you've forgotten the Username or password you created for your membership.
  • Your Web browser does not support the Secure Sockets protocol (used to create secure connections on the Web).
  • Your account is not set up correctly.

Check to be sure you've spelled your Username and password correctly. If you've forgotten either or both, you can use our Password, Username, and Account Questions form to get the information you need. Some browsers do not support secure sign in. If you are using a proxy server to access the Internet, the proxy server may not support secure sign in. (In other words, if you are not directly connected to the Internet and are going through a gateway or firewall, you may not be able to use secure sign in.). To avoid problems, it is recommended that you use the most current version of your preferred browser.If you suspect your account has not been set up correctly, please contact the help center at:

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